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*Barefoot weight-bearing is hazardous under certain conditions- foot coverings will not disappear.

Certainly not. As mentioned in an early published report of mine:

"Barefoot activity when practical (no need for thermal insulation; no risk of crush injuries; social acceptability) deserves consideration since sensory mediated protective adaptations seem optimized for this condition.  Although this may run counter to notions prevalent in economically advanced countries recounting the dangers of barefoot activity and necessity of footwear even when barefoot activity is feasible, supporting data are lacking, and many have concluded that footwear design is guided by fashion rather than health consideration." 

In addition, as mentioned above, the bare foot on natural surfaces may not be ideal for the elderly.  The barefoot is particularly susceptible to damage when perpetually wet, such as in swamp-like conditions.  

Links to relevant published reports:   1987-1.pdf  1988-1.pdf  1989-1.pdf  

The forces involved in running exceed greatly those involved in standing and walking, therefore barefoot running must be more potentially injurious of all barefoot weight-bearing activities. 
  Yet many of the adaptations for running take place with barefoot standing and walking making these activities ideal stage of adaptation to barefoot running.