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*Balance and Vertical Impact: Role of Shoe Sole Materials

TITLE: Balance and Vertical Impact: Role of Shoe Sole Materials 1997-4.pdf

Accessible Summary:

Purpose: When plantar tactile information is extremely low such as when wearing shoes, impact is not constant - rather it varies considerably between shoe conditions all of which provide minimal plantar sensory feedback.  In a previous report it was shown that shoes vary greatly in terms of the balance they provide users.  This suggested that differences in impact between shoes was explained by differences in behavioral response which in turn resulted in variation in instability caused by shoes.  

Synopsis: We hypothesized that there is a positive relation between impact on landing and instability as measured by balance failures when walking.  Impact testing and balance testing was performed on the same material. Impact when landing and balance failures was found to be extremely closely correlated.  This strongly supports variations in impact when wearing shoes is accounted for by the degree of instability with their use. 

Significance: This report indicates that means of improving performance of footwear in terms of impact should be directed at enhancing stability with their use.