*A common cause of diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome: chronic distal colon distention from sedentary behavior and excessive dietary fiber. (August 2013)
*Althletic Footwear: Unsafe Due To Sensory Illusions
*Ankle Taping Improves Balance Before and After Exercise In Young Men
*Athleic Footwear Affect Balance In Men
*Athletic Footwear and Chronic Overloading: A Brief Review
*Balance and Vertical Impact: Role of Shoe Sole Materials
*Effect of Midsole Hardness and Thickness on Proprioception in Older Men
*Factors Associated With Ankle Injuries: Preventive Measures
*Foot Position Awareness in Younger and Older Men: Influence of Shoe Sole Materials
*Foot Position Awareness: The Effect of Footwear on Instability, Excessive Impact and Ankle Spraining
*Hazard of Deceptive Advertizing of Athletic Footwear
*How footwear caused humans to become sedentary (August 2011)
*IMPROVING BALANCE (Revised Dec. 2015)
*Letter to Editor-In-Chief European Journal of Sports Medicine Oct. 2016
Letter to Editor in MSSE regarding conflict of interest in biomechanics.
*Overload Protection: Avoidance Of Heavy Plantar Surface Loading
*Proprioception and Stability: Foot Position Awareness as a Function of Age and Footwear
*Protective Sensations of the Plantar Surface Of the Foot
*Running Related Injury Prevention Through Barefoot Adaptations
*Running Related Injury Prevention Through Innate Impact Moderting Behavior
*Sensory Attenuation Induced By Modern Athletic Footwear
*Shoe Sole Thickness and Hardness Affect Balance In Older Men
*Vertical Impact Increase In Middle Age May Explain Weight-bearing Joint Osteoarthritis
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